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Tutorials by Sparkfun

Collection of all the tutorials by Sparkfun

To a lessor extent, we get similar benefits like adafruit learning module from Sparkfun.


Get started with embedded electronics

This set of 11 tutorials is how I got started with electronics. What is missing on this set of tutorials is how to manufacture the pcbs using gerber files.

Chris Gammell

Hackers in Residence - The ElectricBone

My idea for this project was to use electronics to create a musical instrument that someone could play like a trombone but would produce synthetic sounds. Like any other brass instruments, a trombone is a long open pipe that is played by buzzing one’s lips inside it, through a mouthpiece.

Learn how to build an electric trombone. Complete instruction. We have not build it .. Would love to hear from you if you build this one.

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How To Select The Right Sandpaper Grit

This article is about choosing the right sandpaper grit which is very important while sanding

Tutorials by Adafruit

Collection of all the tutorials by Adafruit. Learn electronics here.

These guys to a great job showcasing many many new technologies and teaching us how to use them with instructions, schematics, and forums. This is far and away the best learning site.

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