Better than Arduino for certain things

Raspberry Pi is an amazing board. Its is really suited to do a lot of Internet of things based projects. ... more

By Alex on Raspberry Pi - Model B


Amazing stuff

This is an amazing sensor. This is pretty decently accurate and pretty really cheap. You can buy one for $5, ... more

By Alex on Load Sensor

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The simplest brain ever

In my first year of college, we were trying to build some speedometer for project as part of our curriculum. ... more

By Alex on Arduino Uno R3



I got the components really fast within a day or two. The store seemed to be reliable. more

By Vivek on rhydolabz


Local store

It is located in chennai around 30 an hour from my college, so it makes it easily accessible. The components ... more

By Vivek on simplelabs


Place to get arduino boards

Nearby, has a variety of arduino boards, and other electronic stuff. Excellent service. more

By Tejas on simplelabs


Huge Inventory

All items are usually available and all all latest technological stuffs are available more

By Vineet on sparkfun



youll get everything for making a hovercraft(or any aero vehicle)online at best prices!!its amazing. more

By Raj on aeroworks


Had a good experience !

The quality of goods were good. I bought Arduino and bluetooth module from that lab. It will be better if ... more

By Vaishnavi on simplelabs


Very happy with the products that we got from Simplelabs

we got good quality products from simple labs and whenever we had to get any component replaced on aurdino we ... more

By Mounica on simplelabs



By Vivek on muav


Its great to buy from these guys. They're great at recommending what's compatible with what. more

By Vivek on muav


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