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Makeystreet is a developer tool for product design companies that helps you innovate faster and reduce time to market.

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Why you will love Makeystreet

Modular System Design

Breakdown projects into sub-assemblies that are managed by sub-teams

Version Hardware

Derive new versions of your product and change only the subassemblies needed.

Find information super fast

Common documentation format and super fast search lets you find information fast.

Prevent information loss

Make sure information doesn't get lost with the churn.

Structured technical documentation

Common documentation format across projects and teams.

Archive and reopen projects

Easily return to a project done in the past.

Built with Makeystreet

Large scale open source hardware projects are now possible

Firefly Unicycle

Firefly Unicycle is an open source personal transportation device. Firefly Unicycle community uses Makeystreet for collaboration and documentation.

Firefly Unicycle Website Firefly Unicycle on Makeystreet