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Resin-inlaid Wood

A non-jewellery post, for a change. We were running a bit short on shelving in the kitchen and wanted somewhere we could store all the preserves we're going to make from the garden this year, so we went to the timber yard to see what they had. They had this, 155cm long piece of chestnut.

Read this article on how a guy filled up the cracks in a panel of wood with glowing blue resin. Its looks really cool.

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Birth of a SparkFun Widget

Follow the life of a SparkFun widget from a bare PCB all the way to your living room!

A very cool video on how spark fun makes their widgets. Must watch

Tiva LaunchPad: Building an Event/Data Logger - Part 1 – SD Card capability

This was a quick project to build a data logger, useful around the lab or elsewhere. So quick it can be built in a couple of hours, and with dozens of uses. The facility to log events or values over time is extremely important for many projects - it is a useful Swiss army knife to have around when needed.

Build a simple data logger, using Tiva Launchpad. We did not build it ourself but this one definitely looks interesting.

Making A Wooden Vise

More info: The vise is made almost completely out of solid pine. The jaw pads and handle are ma...

Get a perspective on how to build a wooden vise. Its not instructional but you get it. Also the video is not narrational.

Mach 3 CNC lathe turning an Egg Shape In 6061 Aluminum

Turning an egg shape in some 6061 Aluminum using a Mach3 controlled lathe. The lathe is a converted Grizzly G4003 Lathe powered by Gecko Drives. I am Using a...

Watch how a CNC lathe is turning an egg shape with 6061 aluminum

Tags: CNC lathe, making

Building a Reflow Oven: Part 1 – Getting Started

Some people (not me) can successfully solder incredibly tiny Quad Flad No-lead (QFN) parts such as the one in the photo below by hand using a soldering iron or a hot air gun (the photo below is from a commercial board, not hand soldered). For wireless devices and modern sensors, surface mount device (SMD) packages as small as QFN have become the normal, default package.

Building a reflow oven. We have not build this one. This is something that we definitely want to build sometime in the future.

Making a Goblet / a quick hollowing method Presents --------------------------------------------------------------------------------­------------------------------ making a gob...

Making a goblet. Wow, its interesting to watch how a such awesome objects are made from a piece of wood.

How to Turn a Timber Sphere

Turning a 300mm wooden sphere on a Vicmarc VL300 lathe

How to turn a timber sphere Wow, watch how a perfectly sphere is made out of wood.

The Power of Friction


Watch the power of friction. In this video, two plates are welded together using friction welding. One plate is kept stationary, while the other one is made to rotate. Friction heats up the surface and on stoping the rotation of the plate, both the plates fuse together

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Making of a Shade

A very quick clip to show the process Soren goes through when making one of his unique wooden lamp shades. !!! Please before you write a negative comment abo...

Making of a shade. Watch how this beautiful shade is made. Although we think the process is extremely wasteful, we also think that is requires a lot of craftsmanship to pull this out off.

precious plastic

a project by dave hakkens

Making really cool stuff with recycled plastic. You will find the video interesting.

Tags: making

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