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Experiments and Demo of an Agilent DSA-X 96204Q 160GS/s 62GHz Oscilloscope

In this episode Shahriar demos the world's fastest oscilloscope! The Agilent DSA-X 96204Q offers 160GS/s of conversion rate with a bandwidth of 62GHz on two ...

Here's another one I absolutely recommend - worth watching the whole 1 hour video. Mainly because of his excellent knowledge on what he's talking about, and how he goes about explaining all of it.

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3D Printed DC Motor

I designed and 3D printed a Brushless Direct Current (BLDC) motor, and used an Arduino to control the motor. All parts of the motor, excluding magnets...

When I was a kid, I always thought building a useful motor would be the most difficult thing. Looks like you can now 3D print a motor

Building a Reflow Oven: Part 1 – Getting Started

Some people (not me) can successfully solder incredibly tiny Quad Flad No-lead (QFN) parts such as the one in the photo below by hand using a soldering iron or a hot air gun (the photo below is from a commercial board, not hand soldered). For wireless devices and modern sensors, surface mount device (SMD) packages as small as QFN have become the normal, default package.

Building a reflow oven. We have not build this one. This is something that we definitely want to build sometime in the future.

How to Sell Your Widget on SparkFun

Have an awesome electronic widget that you want to get to market? Great! We are always listening for new ideas from our customers and the community. We get many inquires on this topic, so read this tutorial carefully to keep your product pitch from getting lost in the shuffle.

Here is an article on how to sell your widgets on spark fun. Did you make something really cool? Do you want to sell it and make some money and get popular in the community? Don’t want to take the headache of figuring out how to operate your business? This article is for you.

Tiva LaunchPad: Building an Event/Data Logger - Part 1 – SD Card capability

This was a quick project to build a data logger, useful around the lab or elsewhere. So quick it can be built in a couple of hours, and with dozens of uses. The facility to log events or values over time is extremely important for many projects - it is a useful Swiss army knife to have around when needed.

Build a simple data logger, using Tiva Launchpad. We did not build it ourself but this one definitely looks interesting.

Tutorials by Adafruit

Collection of all the tutorials by Adafruit. Learn electronics here.

These guys to a great job showcasing many many new technologies and teaching us how to use them with instructions, schematics, and forums. This is far and away the best learning site.

Nest Protect Teardown

"Safety Shouldn’t Be Annoying"…So goes the tagline for the Nest Protect smoke and CO detector. This clever little device replaces your existing smoke detector with the promise of keeping you safer and better informed.

Here is the teardown of nest by spark fun.

Google offers up US$1 million prize to shrink size of power inverters

The old saying says good things come in small packages. Google and the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) seem to agree having launched the Little Box Challenge, an open competition with a US$1 million first prize to find innovative electronic designs to shrink power inverters down from the...

Google offers up US$1 million prize to shrink size of power inverters

Tutorials by Sparkfun

Collection of all the tutorials by Sparkfun

To a lessor extent, we get similar benefits like adafruit learning module from Sparkfun.

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