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Hardware By the Numbers: O'Reilly Solid Keynote

These are the slides for my Hardware by the Numbers Keynote at O'Reilly Solid. They create a narrative about the hardware startup ecosystem using quantitative …

Renee DiResta from O’Reilly Alpha Tech Ventures talks about hardware trends. There are some interesting stats on hackerspaces, makerfaires and the rest of the hardware startup ecosystem. We also found the stats on hardware on kickstarter pretty interesting.

real makers (not HW only), well written, very authentic and useful advice

real war stories, a maker who stops at nothing. Not even failing.

great stories, tips, inspiration

How to Sell Your Widget on SparkFun

Have an awesome electronic widget that you want to get to market? Great! We are always listening for new ideas from our customers and the community. We get many inquires on this topic, so read this tutorial carefully to keep your product pitch from getting lost in the shuffle.

Here is an article on how to sell your widgets on spark fun. Did you make something really cool? Do you want to sell it and make some money and get popular in the community? Don’t want to take the headache of figuring out how to operate your business? This article is for you.

Adafruit Industries

Adafruit was founded in 2005 by MIT engineer, Limor "Ladyada" Fried. Her goal was to create the best place online for learning electronics and making the bes...

I love Limor, real geek, real maker, does stuff for the sake of doing

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