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Birth of a SparkFun Widget

Follow the life of a SparkFun widget from a bare PCB all the way to your living room!

A very cool video on how spark fun makes their widgets. Must watch

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Tutorials by Sparkfun

Collection of all the tutorials by Sparkfun

To a lessor extent, we get similar benefits like adafruit learning module from Sparkfun.

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Get started with embedded electronics

This set of 11 tutorials is how I got started with electronics. What is missing on this set of tutorials is how to manufacture the pcbs using gerber files.

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How to Sell Your Widget on SparkFun

Have an awesome electronic widget that you want to get to market? Great! We are always listening for new ideas from our customers and the community. We get many inquires on this topic, so read this tutorial carefully to keep your product pitch from getting lost in the shuffle.

Here is an article on how to sell your widgets on spark fun. Did you make something really cool? Do you want to sell it and make some money and get popular in the community? Don’t want to take the headache of figuring out how to operate your business? This article is for you.

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