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Flite Test - RV JET (FPV Flying Wing)

This episode is sponsored by Flite Test fans can download a free audio book here: The RV JET from is ...

this is a must buy/build .

Channels: aeromodeling
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Flite Test - FT Slinger

Inspired by the Ripslinger from the Disney movie 'Planes', Josh and David decided to make their own scratch built character planes! In this episode of Flite ...

Watch the slinger from the animation movie planes in real life. It is soo cool.

Channels: drones, aeromodeling
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Flite Test - EDF Afterburner

A Vampire Mk6 modified with a real working EDF afterburner! Powered with butane and ignited with parts from a stun gun, David attempts to fly this EPO foam R...

Electric plane to a jet afterburn: what happens when you lock up a crazy swedish guy in a room full of airplane.

Channels: aeromodeling
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The Hammer-Feather Drop in the world’s biggest vacuum chamber | The Kid Should See This

...though in this case, "the hammer" is a bowling ball. In this excellent clip from the BBC's Human Universe: Episode 4, Professor Brian Cox visits NASA’s Space Power Facility in Ohio, home of the wor

Surreal science.. one of my top 100 recommended videos

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PRECISION IS ALL - Red Bull Air Race

Red Bull Air Race is not only a sport of speed and skill but also precision. Check out how close the pilots fly by ground and pylons!

If you want to inject a dose of aviation adrnuatlin into your viens watch this video

Channels: aeromodeling
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