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Simple Shop Drawers

I had made shelving units for the wood shop that hung on my French cleat system. The shelves do not work well for smaller items as there is no way to organiz...

Get organized.

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How a Laser Works

Bill shows how the three key characteristics of laser light - single wavelength, narrow beam, and high intensity - are made. He explains the operation of a r...

This 4 minute video clears the concept behind laser.

Channels: physics
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Drill press pencil holder | Mere Mini

If you just bought your first drill press, here is a quick and easy pencil holder you can make that will give you practice with the drill's features. The pen...

First Drill press project

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Why is the Solar System Flat?

Thanks to Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University for supporting us on! - A big thanks as well to Subbable supporters The ...

Always wonder why that is..check out more food for thought at is one of the best physic teacher IMHO

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Building a dust collector

Using the blower and two bucket cyclone from previous videos to build a dust collector. Still lots of work left to finish it up.

Make your own dust collector.This guy is my wood working hero.

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DUALITE VA realisation Data-Burger, conseiller scientifique: J. Bobroff copyright Bobroff 2012

I wish I had seen this when I was learning physics. Beautiful visualization. check out more on

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Make a small-parts storage cabinet. Making all the drawers is simple!

$20 off your first littleBits kit! Enter promo code: WOODWORKING at checkout. Super fun system! |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||...

A must for storing electronics.

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DC motors - how is it made? How it works?

Link to page: In this video, i break apart DC motor model and then i rebuilt it from a scratch, to explain how a DC motor is made. This v...

Hands down, best video explaining DC motors. Do watch it even if you know all about it.

Channels: motor
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