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Tod E. Kurt multi geek, co-founder @thingm, maker of blink(1) and BlinkM, co-founder @CrashSpaceLA

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How to make pocket notebooks

For more details, visit You can buy these notebooks at

Learn to make your own notebooks

Channels: making, DIY
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Raspberry Pi Dynamic Bike Headlight Prototype and Test

Here's the first prototype of the Dynamic Bike Headlight. I managed to get it out onto the street to try it out, too! My previous video about it: http://www....

@MattRichardson's wonderful "augmented reality" DIY Bike headlight

Channels: DIY
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From Prototype to Kickstarter to Production: How blink(1) was made

My MakerFaire 2013 talk about the creation of blink(1) USB RGB LED notification light

From Prototype to Kickstarter to Production: How blink(1) was made

Channels: products, making
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ArduinoOnBeagleBone - Arduino and AVR compilation tools for BeagleBone (currently command-line only)

Compile Arduino sketches on Beaglebone, learn how

Channels: arduino, beaglebone
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Battery amp-hour, watt-hour and C rating tutorial

A guide to battery capacity measurement including amp-hours, watt-hours, C ratings and more. How to support more videos:

Afrotechmod's video electronics tuts keep getting better; here's battery one

Channels: tutorials, electronics
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SparkPunk Hookup Guide -

The SparkPunk Kit is a sound generator made in the spirit of the Atari Punk Console. Rather than simply recreating the Atari Punk, the SparkPunk is a new design that springs from a similar foundation.

SparkPunK sound generator looks like a lot of fun & an easy kit to build …

Channels: sparkfun
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