Grove - Dust Sensor

What is this?

We can use the sensor to detect the dust in clean room.


Status: Completed
Available as a part: Grove - Dust Sensor
Tags: sensor, grove, dust sensor


  • Grove compatible interface(extra wire with connecter) 
  • Highly responsive
  • Reliable
  • ROHS/PEACH compliant


  • VCC: 4.75 - 5.25 V
  • Standby Current Supply: 90 mA
  • Detectable range of concentration: 0~28,000 pcs/litre
  • Operating Temperature Range: 0-45 °C
  • Output Method: Negative Logic, Digital output,Hi over 4.0V(Rev.2) Lo: under 0.7V
  • Detecting the particle diameter: >1 um
  • Dimension: 59×45×22mm
  • Humidity Range: 95%rh or less


  • Please keep it upright.
  • 3 min preheat time is required when used at the first time.
  • Arbitrary operation may cause unexpected damage.
  • Pins VR1 and VR2 come preset. Please DON'T change the default configuration.

Application Ideas

  • Dust emission monitor
  • Air Quality Monitoring
  • Applications of customer
  • Dustlessness workshop 
  • Cigarette detector 

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