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Firefly is an open source personal transportation device designed to work on Indian roads.


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[Todo] Study of wheel dimensions of popular 2 wheelers/cycles

Quickly collect all the data on wheel dimensions of popular cars, scooters, and bikes in India. We know these wheels work on Indian roads.

This should give us some sense of what dimensions of wheels work on Indian roads.

By Alex

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An earlier open source eunicycle

The link is not active. Found the link on a web archive -

Submitted by Karthik V

By Alex

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some more unicycle links

The MediCycle seems very relevant to conditions in India. Every day during my commute in Mumbai, I see Ambulances stuck in traffic.

By Anool

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Flying nimbus - self balancing device -

Submitted by Anool

By Alex

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Existing products in this space
Solowheel -
Airwheel -
Mobbo -

By Alex

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