Crazyflie Nano Quadcopter Kit 10-DOF (BC-CFK-04-A)

Made by:  Seeedstudio

What is this?

he Crazyflie is an open source nano quadcopter kit designed for flexible development and hacking. It's among the smallest in the world, weighing only 19 grams and measuring 9 cm motor to motor.


Status: Completed
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Developing new algorithm

This is the 10 DOF version of Crazyflie that integrate extra sensors for altitude and heading measurement. There is yet no firmware support for these sensors but they have the potential to enable heading and altitude control. If you want to develop a new algorithm or if you want to be able to use some advanced algorithm that might be created for these sensor you should definitely consider the 10-DOF version.

By Siddardha

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Crazy Features

1. Small and lightweight, around 19g and about 90mm motor to motor
2. Flight time up to 7 minutes with standard 170mAh Li-Po battery
3. Standard micro-USB connector for charging which takes ~20min for the stock 170mAh Li-Po battery
4. On-board low-energy radio@1mW based on the nRF24L01+ chip. Up to 80m range (environment dependent) when using the Crazyradio USB dongle
5. Radio bootloader which enabled wireless update of the firmware
6. Powerful 32 bit MCU: STM32F103CB @ 72 MHz (128kb flash, 20kb RAM)
7. 3-axis high-performance MEMs gyros with 3-axis accelerometer: Invensense MPU-6050
8. 3-axis magnetometer HMC5883L (compass)
9. High precision altimeter MS5611-01BA03
10. Expansion header 2×10 pins 1.27mm (0.05”) pitch including power, I2C/UART, SPI/ADC. Header also contains ARM Cortex 10-pin JTAG (header not included)
4-layer low noise PCB design with separate voltage regulators for digital and analog supply

By Siddardha

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