RaspiRobot Board V2

Made by:  Seeedstudio

What is this?

The RaspiRobot Board v2 is a motor interface board for the Raspberry Pi that includes a switched-mode power supply that will supply power to your Raspberry Pi from a variety of battery packs.


Status: Completed
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Package contents

Raspberry Pi, Robot chassis, rangefinder, display and switches are not included.

By Siddardha

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Comprehensive and easy to use Python library
Supplied fully assembled - no soldering
Bi-directional control of two motors (L293 chip)
Variable (PWM) power control. This allows you to both control the speed of the motors independently and use lower voltage motors than the voltage of your battery pack.
Supplies the Raspberry Pi with upto 2A using a switch mode power supply - run a fully loaded Pi and the Robot from 6 x AA batteries
Rangefinder header socket directly compatible with a cheap HC-SR-04 ultrasonic range finder. Just plug it in
5V I2C header, pin compatible with Adafruit displays
Two buffered open collector outputs
Two LEDsTwo switch inputs
Screw terminals for motors and battery

By Siddardha

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