Arduino based Wave form generator

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What is this?

Its a poor mans function generator, with max 5v p-p, it can generate sine,triangle, square and sawtooth wave forms

Why did we do this?

A waveform generator is an essential tool for any electronics workbench, previously I made a square wave generator, which was ok for testing digital circuits, Now want to make projects which would require a function generator. Also was stripped for cash. The cost of this is around Rs.500. May be I'll make a better one using special function genator ICs, Ofcourse you will see it here when I do.


Build Instructions

How did we do it?

  1. Arduino based Waveform Generator | Black Electronics


What did we learn? (Insights)

Analog Stuff

Among electronics there are two groups(IMHO) analog dudes and digital dude. I belong to digital dudes. I learned how a DAC works, which is nicely explained here

By Hemal

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On mechanical side

I've read this many times on the internet "Measure twice cut once". I made a mistake while drilling holes, since its for my personal use, I let it slide. But I'll definately keep a note on all cutting and drilling holes "Measure twice, cut once"

By Hemal

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Tools used

Image for 3-Axis CNC Milling Machine - Black Electronics
3-Axis CNC Milling Machine - Black Electronics
Image for file
Image for dremel 300 series
dremel 300 series
Image for Drill press
Drill press






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