Grove - RJ45 Adapter

Made by:  Seeedstudio

What is this?

The Grove-RJ45 Adapter is a module which can converter a standard Grove connector to a RJ45 connector.


Status: Completed
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1. Standard Grove Connector and RJ45 Connector
2. Applitations Widely
3. easy to use

By Siddardha

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If you want to use the Moisture Sensor to real-time detect the moisture of soil in your garden, but you do not want to go to the garden personally. How to do it?

Using two RJ45 adapter and a long network cable, you can solve this problem.

You may need to write the code by yourself for the special applications. But we can guarantee that you can always know the soil moisture of plants by observing the output data of the moisture sensor.

You may want to ask why not use a long Grove cable instead of two Grove - RJ45 and a network cable, the reason is the network cable has a weak attenuation.

By Siddardha

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