B-Squares - Battery-Square

Made by:  Seeedstudio

What is this?

The Battery-Square includes three internal rechargeable AAA batteries.


Status: Completed
Available as a part: B-Squares (Battery-SQUARE)
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High Strength Magnetic Contacts.
3 AAA 800 mAh Rechargeable Batteries.
Low Self-Discharge Rate.
Resettable Fuse short protection.
5V Mini-USB Output*.
Switch to turn USB and Contact Outputs ON / OFF

By Siddardha

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Before use, please remove the plastic protective wrapping on each of the AAA batteries included with the Battery-Square.
As with most electronic devices, the batteries included with the Battery-Square are not shipped fully charged. For best performance we recommend that you fully charge the batteries before use. For fast charging, you can use a standard NiMH battery charger to charge the AAA batteries separately and then reinstall into the Battery-Square.
The Battery-Square has an On/Off switch on the side. We recommend that when the Battery-Square is not in use that you turn it off to prevent the Square from discharging the batteries.
When installing the three (3) AAA batteries into the Battery-Square, pay close attention to the polarity indicated on the PCB board by the "+" and "-" symbols.

By Siddardha

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