Recycling Processor Heat

Made by:  sarthak sethi

What is this?

This Project involves conversion of waste heat released by the processor of the computer to Electrical energy using the seebeck and the peltier Effect and recycle it to save battery lifetime.


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Formula To Conclude

We can conclude that in the seebeck and the peltier effect,

Temperature Difference ∝ Electricity Generated

By sarthak

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Proof of Efficiency

Main power supply-
100% in 4 Hours (1)

Recycled Heat supply-

26-32% in 4 Hours (2)

Adding both (1+2)

126% So 100% charged in 2.9 Hours

Efficient- 100 - (2.9/4 * 100) = 27.5%

This project approximately saves 25-30% of the battery lifetime

By sarthak

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In the peltier module, when one side is heated and other is cooled, through the temperature difference it generates electricity.I had calculated the area of bottom of the laptop and calculated the area needed to recycle energy. My project has generated about 1.2V en the first build. This voltage was enough to run a USB computer fan.I took 12 peltier tiles and placed them on a top of a Gel pack. On above the peltier tiles There was the bottom of laptop.If this technology is further developed, we can save over 50%-70% of the battery life and thus save electricity.

By sarthak

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Question / Proposal -Hypothesis: If I can capture enough heat from the processor of computer and convert it efficiently to electricity, then I can save the battery lifetime.Objective: To make a processor heat recycler that generates electricity using the heat released by the processor.

By sarthak

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