Day 16: 30/5/15
posted 1 week, 3 days ago by Sharun Kuhar

I(Sharun) studied about DCM, because the next obvious step for stabilizing the quadcopter was the angle estimation, starlino guide proved to be useful. Satya tried mavlink by connecting through usb, on the qgroundcontrol software. Animesh continued to work on quaternian(which also is used for angle estimation, its just that we wanted to try both the methods). Rachit wrote the code for collecting raw data for barometer, because it was the next sensor to come up on our board.

Other than that, the testing of the same quad was done once more, it didn't work out as good as last time. I also tried to repair a not working solder wire, created an all new connection, but it still didn't work, the cord was not working. We also made the connection for connecting telemetry to the arduino.