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Product Description

This touch controller set is a quick and easy way to control a bunch of our 12V analog RGB LED strip. The box part contains power driver circuitry and a capacitive touch interface. By wiring the analog strip to the box you can easily adjust the color with the touch wheel-- perfect for mounting on the wall.

The box has a few 'programs' built in, such as rainbow fading and a really obnoxious colorful blinking effect. However, you'll probably end up being very happy with the basic control system that the dial allows. You can turn it on or off by pressing the power button, change through programmable modes, and select the color using the scrolling color wheel.

This package contains just the wired controller box. You'll likely want to pick up a few other items to complete the project:
  • Solderless Analog RGB LED Strip Clip Sampler or 4-pin euro terminal block allows connecting the LED strip without soldering
  • 12V 5A power adapter is perfect for driving any of our LED strips! It can drive up to 5 meters of the 60 LED/meter strip
  • JST Plugs and JST Receptacles - for quick connecting LED strip segments.
  • 2.1mm barrel jack adapter will let you solderlessly connect the 12V power adapter to the RGB controller box.
  • LED strips! You can use this with our 60 LED/meter RGB, 30 LED/meter RGB or 60 LED/meter warm white.