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The electronics of our interactive Bot.

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Finally able to implement servo movement and face tracking together at a decent speed!
posted 3 days, 13 hours ago by Deepali Gupta

10/6/2015: We have finally completed writing improving OpenCV and Arduino codes for neck movement mechanism and able to implement it at a decent speed. :)

Created code in python for face detection using OpenCV
posted 1 week, 4 days ago by Kritagya Dabi

02/06/15 - Created a code in python which can detect the human faces from webcam and trace them using OpenCV
for this we took help from the tutorial https ...

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Started learning OpenCV
posted 1 week, 5 days ago by Kritagya Dabi

01/06/15 - We started learning how to use OpenCV for face tracking from YouTube tutorial videos

Studied an open source project BOT - FRITZ by xyzbots
posted 2 weeks ago by Deepali Gupta


Continued Programming with Python and tested Speech and text API
posted 2 weeks ago by Deepali Gupta

27/5/15:Continued Programming and obtained reply(in form of text) from a chatbox using speech recognition and also made two online chatboxes chat with each other.

Continued with programming on python and tried to run google API
posted 2 weeks ago by Deepali Gupta

26/05/2015:Tried speech recognintion on google API

Started Learning Python
posted 2 weeks ago by Deepali Gupta

The Electronics Team members started learning Python as electronics part is going to need it in future in image processing
http://ocw.mit.edu ...

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Serial Communication
posted 2 weeks ago by Deepali Gupta

Watched Tutorial on serial communiaction
Tested serial communication between Arduino and System

Tested Servo Motor
posted 2 weeks ago by Deepali Gupta

Tested Servo motor by running a code on Arduino Mega 2560

Watched Arduino Tutorials
posted 2 weeks ago by Deepali Gupta

Watched Arduino tutorials on Youtube by Jeremy Blum

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code for Face detection in a video through webcam in python
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