We have five 800 Watt motors !

We now have five 800 Watt 48 V brushless motors. Thanks to BSA for sponsoring the motors and thanks to Ather Energy for getting it on our behalf. 

That leaves us with 5 motors that we know are really powerful but with no specs. Challenges ahead of us :
1. Get the motor to work
2. See if we can get data from the position encoders/hall effect sensors in the motor. Does the motor even have sensors?
3. Hopefully the motors does not have flywheels inside them and are bi-directional. We hear that some motors used in electric scooters are uni-directional. 
4. Find out how to attach wheels to this. Hopefully we should be able to get off the shelf wheels. 

We might be opening them up one of these days. Will post updates for the same.