Prior Art / Setting bench marks

We are doing a prior art study to understand existing electric unicycles in the market. To do the study we have chosen 5 different unicycles based on various parameters. Our first internet based study showed that the primary variations are in motors capacity, diameter of the wheel, size and chemistry of the battery pack. Based on possible variations we have placed order for 5 unicycles as shown in the image above. Once we get the unicycles in our possession we will know first hand how does all these parameters feel like in real world. This will help us design our open source unicycle better. 

We have already got Freefeet in our possession. Playing with it now. We will be opening it up as soon as the holiday season is over. 

Best part - We now have a lot of unicycles to play with. Want to try them out? Come over to the Jaaga farm on Sarjapura road. 

Specs of the unicycle that we are getting:


48V 1000W motor, 122Wh LiFePO4 battery, 18" wheel

Detailed tech specs -

Freefeet unicycle

500w, 60v,3.5Ah, lithium-ion battery (130wh), 35cm diameter [ brand of battery is Samsung}

Gotway 14"

Image credits -

10.8kg, 14inch wheel, 60V 500W motor, 340Wh Panasonic Lithium-ion battery. Bluetooth connectivity. 

Gotway 18"

Image credits -

14.8kg, 18inch wheel, 60V 1000W motor, 700Wh Panasonic Lithium-ion battery, Bluetooth connectivity.

Ninebot one 

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12.8kg, 16 inch wheel, 1500W motor, 240 Wh Lithium ion batter, Bluetooth connectivity