How to add an image to a makey

Currently makeystreet does not have the functionality to upload an image. Temporarily we support only image web urls. 

If you want a place to upload your images we recommend imgur. Here is how you upload an image on imgur and then link it to your makey. 

Step 1: Upload the image on Imgur.

Step 2: Getting the image url

Once the image is uploaded you will land on a page similar to this. 

At the section "Markdown Link (reddit comments)", copy only the link part. In this specific image, the link that we are looking for is -

The speciality of this link is this link points to the image. When you open that link, it should open up only that image, like this -

Step 3: Adding this image link to the makey

Go to the makey page, and add the image link to the gallery. Click add and you are done.