First Makers' Meet at Chandigarh

Maker culture is picking up at a fast pace in India. Various enthusiasts are organizing meet ups, setting up makerspaces across country with a will to make a greater impact. One of them is the first ever maker's meet was organized last Sunday (22nd June 2014) in Chandigarh to encourage and maker culture in Tricity. The event featured not only innovations from all over India but also speakers - Priya Kuber (MD, Arduino India), Sandip Patel (Founder, Espin Nanotech) and Charls Vincet (Fiin). 

The event also had a demo of 3D printer by LBD Makers, which is the major manufacturer and service provider for 3D printers in the north. In its demo, an actual iphone cover was printed in just 30 minutes. Event also discussed about setting up a Maker space in Chandigarh first of it’s own kind. Maker space is a community lab where people of all ages and interests come together to build something. Maker space has all the resources necessary for building something such as 3D printer, laser cutting machine, electronic components etc. While there are several maker spaces in US, we expect various such maker spaces coming up in India in a year, with a growing community of makers.
The event was organized by makers from Chandigarh - Manisha Mohan (Innovator & Student, and developer of Society Harnessing Equipment), Karan Checker (Founder, Start up Elves), Nitin Gandhi (Cofounder, LBD Makers) and Jatin Sharma, (Cofounder, LBD Makers) who came together to encourage maker culture in Tricity.

Guest Post by Manisha Mohan,
Innovator & Student, and developer of SHE (Society Harnessing Equipment)