First developer meet for Firefly Unicycle in Bangalore (minutes)

We had our first developer meetup in Bangalore at Jaaga. 

Quick minutes of meetup

1. Getting to know each other

We had 8 people who showed up and we were 3 organizers (Freeman, Numaan & Alex). So in total we had 11 people.

2. Intro to the project

Above is the presentation used for intro section 

Our objective is to build really a strong community of hardware hacker in India.

2. Understanding the overall technical architecture 

We had a discussion on the basics of the tech - Find the reference slide here.

Further the discussion was based on a bunch of youtube videos. Some of them include:

Inverted pendulum basics -

Stunts on a unicycle -

Electric unicycles are already popular in china -

Electric unicycles used offroad -

3. People got to try a Unicycle

We have one electric unicycle - Freeman's. The attendies got to try that and get a sense of how it works and feels like. We are planning to get a couple more of electric unicycles for testing and development purpose from China. 

4. Getting started 

The system design for the open source project will be hosted on Makeystreet -

If you were at the meetup, pick the subsystem that you are interested and let me know, will add you to that subsystem. 

If you were not at the meetup and would like to contribute to the subsystem, let me know when subsystem are you interested in and we will take it forward from there. 

5. Next steps

  • Getting a couple of self balancing cycles from China to open up
  • Doing an arduino based workshop on inverted pendulum at workbench project
  • Getting the first version of the unicycle up and running 
  • Setting up developer communities in other part of the city
  • Creating a video for the project

Alex (@alexjv89)