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Simple non steerable wheel mounts


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No steering
added 1 year, 6 months ago by Alex JV
In this prototype turning was not considered as it was already implemented and tested. Also to test intuitive control turn was not necessary. This simplified the prototype a lot because if turn was to be implemented the motor can only be mounted on the truck. This would mean the truck will have to be redesigned for new dimensions with provisions for motor mount. This would mean a lot of time would be spent on designing the truck to accommodate the motor. This was simplified by attaching the motor directly to the deck and skipping the turn mechanism all together.
Wheel mount design choice
added 1 year, 6 months ago by Alex JV
The wheels mounts were to be identical for powered and non powered wheels. Powered wheels had an extra sprockets attached to it and was assembled to the wheel mount the same way the free wheels were mounted. Due to this design, no special parts were necessary and the wheel mount was kept as simple as possible with minimal machining. The Figure 7.6 shows an exploded view of the wheel mount assembly with one powered wheel and a free wheel.