Start Project: The first step
posted 2 weeks, 1 day ago by Rishabh Vaish

Th e first thing and the most important thing in any project is to make the timeline of the project.We divided are team into two parts:

1. Fabrication and Design Team : Abhimanyu Kulkarni , Rishabh Vaish
2. Coding and Testing Team: Praveen Kumar,Devendra Meena,Prashant Saxena

The timeline was decided as follows :

20-26 may :1.Basic plane design ready
2.Arduino basics - running servo , motor , receiver and transmitter

27-29 may :1. start wing farbrication
2.PID coding

30-31 may:1.Boom and tilt rotor fabrication
2. IMU coding

1-4 june : 1. fuselage and tail fabrication
2. Integration of code

5-7 june : Completing the project

7-15 june: testing and tuning