Making tail boom using cue stick
posted 4 days, 5 hours ago by Prasang Gupta

1. Purchase a single piece cue stick which is conical for a longer length.
2. Select the part of the cue stick which is perfectly conical. Generally the tip of the stick is conical and smooth.
3. Apply 2-3 coatings of polishing wax on the stick to give a smooth and shiny finish to the surface.
4. Apply vaseline on the required part for making it smooth and slippery.
5. Roll 1-inch tape in the reverse direction ( i.e. sticky surface away from the cue stick ) carefully avoiding any wrinkles or bubbles as far as possible.
6. Cut out a mylar sheet of size accommodating the size of fibres that need to be put on the cue stick.
7. Cut out glass fibre and carbon fibre of the required size and place it on the mylar sheet one at a time.
8. Prepare epoxy-hardener mixture in the mass ratio 10:1.
9. Apply epoxy mixture to them and then apply it on the surface of the cue stick.
10. After all the layers are applied, tape the surface wiping off the extra epoxy oozing out from time to time.
11. Keep it for drying.
12. To take out the boom, hit the cue stick on the ground giving it a strong impulsive force, resulting in the removal of the boom.
13. Keep the boom in the sun to allow the epoxy on the internal surface to dry.
14. Sand the surface of the boom lightly ( after putting the boom on the cue stick to avoid the deformation of the boom due to compressive stress ) to make it smooth and also remove the tape stuck on the inner surface.