Making joiner tubes
posted 1 week ago by Prasang Gupta

1. Apply vaseline / polishing wax on a carbon rod / tube which is going to be used as the joiner rod.
2. Apply tape in the reverse orientation (i.e Sticky surface away form the rod) in a spiral.
3. Cut glass fibre strips of width approximately 4 to 5 cm and length according to the length of the rod.
4. Prepare epoxy-hardener mixture of weight ratio 10:1. Stir gently to avoid introducing air bubbles.
5. Cut out a mylar sheet of size accommodating the glass fibre strips comfortably.
6. Put the glass fibre strip on the mylar sheet and apply epoxy mixture to it using brush (wearing gloves for protection) such that it sticks to the sheet smoothly and no part of the strip is protruding out of the plane of the mylar sheet.
7. Put a strip of tissue paper on the fibre and press with paint roller gently to take out extra epoxy and take out the tissue paper when no more epoxy is being absorbed.
8. Lift the glass fibre sheet and apply it on the carbon rod in a slanting manner. Apply as many layers of glass fibre as per your requirement.
9. Tape the carbon rod (with glass fibre sheets on) gently.
10. Leave the rod to dry for about 2 - 3 hours.
11. After the epoxy has cured, remove the tape.
12. Hold the carbon rod using pliers and pull the rod gently, occasionally rotating the rod for easing out the process.
13. Again put the joiner tubes under sunlight for final curing.