Gravity Hot Wire Cutter
posted 2 weeks, 4 days ago by Prasang Gupta

For making this, we first made the cutting bow and fixed wheels for removing drag and ease its movement, Then we made the fixed arm with Aluminium I-section and the rotating frame with Aluminium Box and joined them using a small piece of wood. We fixed the fixed arm on the vertical face of the tabletop. We drilled holes in the aluminum boxes and attached the pulleys at appropriate positions. We then attached the cutting bow to the arms with badminton racket wire through pulleys ensuring that the tension and the lengths of both the wires attached to the ends of bow are equal.

Precautions for Operation :
1. Tension and length of both the wires at the ends of the cutting bow should be equal.
2. First cut the upper surface of the airfoil from the back.
3. Keep the crocodile pins not too far off from each other.
4. Smoothen the upper surface of the airfoil either by taping or by applying Fevi-Kwik and then sandpaper.
5. The wire should be placed parallel to the cutting surface and no initial tension should be there.
6. The Cutter should be turned off only when the wire is out of the foam.
7. Keep extra weight ready to be added in case of any stoppages of cutter.
8. The weights and wires should be attached properly.