Documentation 3
posted 1 year, 11 months ago by Alex JV

The deck assembly involved sandwiching the loadcells between the decks. This is a press fit arrangement. Four 8mm bolt at each corner of the deck was used to keep the assembly in place. The bolt was loosely fasted so that it does not preload the loadcells. The bolt assembly
was sealed with hot glue to prevent the bolts from coming loose due to vibrations. These bolts also have another function; they also aid the dowel pins used in the loadcell assembly to ensure that the top deck can move only vertically with respect to the bottom deck. The force that is necessary for accelerating / decelerating the rider which needs to be transferred from the bottom deck to the top deck is transferred via these four bolts. The wheel mounts and the motor mounts are attached to the lower side of the bottom deck, while the circuits, motor driver and batteries are placed on the top of the top deck for easy accessibility.