Price , Battery Capacity and Release date
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srek Reid

Yeah.. basically
What will be the approximate price of this unicycle. ?

How long can i ride this on a single charge?
Try to give us battery life details on different terrains (if u can)

When is is gonna release? I want it ! :P

Alex JV

We are making a modular version. The battery pack will be modular- You can add more battery if you wish.

Here is roughly the specs of the base model:
Battery - 16 cell, li-ion, Samsung battery - 130Wh
Range - 16km
Top speed - 20kmph
Expected price - Rs 60,000

We are introducing a kit. This kit is for developmental purpose, with almost the same specs but the parts used in it are propriety (not ours). This is available right away. Comment on this thread if you want it. Price of the kit - Rs 50,000

The open source version will come later.


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