Creating a sub-assembly

Your project most likely has sub-assemblies. For eg, if you are building an electric bike some of your sub-assemblies are front suspension, drive train etc, battery pack etc. You can document and version-control each sub-assembly separately.

The following steps guides you in creating sub-assemblies.

Step 1: 
Go to your Makey page and click on "Overview" tab.

Step 2: 
Click on "Add a subassembly" button.

Step 3:
Creating a sub-assembly is similar to creating a new project.  Notice that on the image above is says that the new module that you are creating is a sub-assembly to your existing project (Super fast rocket) 

Enter required details click “submit”. 

Here we just created a sub-assembly “Propulsion System”. It is now visible on the overview page of your original project.

Step 4: 

Hover on any sub-assembly – it will show you basic stats on that sub-assembly

Click on any sub-assembly – it will show you insights that are added to that sub-assembly

As you can see, we just created a new sub-assembly. The new sub-assembly does not have any insights. To create insights in a sub-assembly you will need to navigate to the separate page of that sub-assembly. Click on “Go to Propulsion system” (Dotted oval) 

To get a better idea on how sub-assemblies work, check out this project -