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Makeystreet is a developer tool for hardware companies/startups
that helps you innovate faster and reduces time to market

Why you will love makeystreet?

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Modular approach to system design

When you brain storm your product you modularize it. Why is your documentation still a linear pdf file.

Structured tech doc for your entire team

Does each team of your product come up with different structure for your documentation? Are you spending time mearging all the different documentation

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Find information from your documentation really fast.

Are you going though long pdf files or a document structure trying to find the relevant information? Modular documentation helps your identify the correct section really fast. Plus the common stucture for the tech documentation makes it easy for the team to find the relevant information

Prevent information loss when your team changes

As a startup you are hiring interns. They are coming and doing amazing work. But when they leave are you ending up calling them up every now and then asking for information?

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Return easily to a project done in the past

Want to pause your project for a year and come back later? Frustrated that you dont remember critical details for your project? Our structure of tech documentation makes it possible to save non-technical information in the documentation without making it overwhelming

Version Hardware super easy

When you go from version 1 of your project to v2 of your product, only some of your modules change. Does that mean that you have to write a seperate documentation? No you dont. Just update the modules that changed, documentation tree for your new version of product is auto generated, saving you massive amounts of time.

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Firefly unicycle - Open Source hardware project.

We want to make large scale open source hardware projects happen.

Firefly unicycle is an open source personal transportation device. We love building products. It is an attempt to build a kickass hardware community in India. Would you not like to meet other kickass hardware developers just like you?

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